How can you support NTRO?

Through your membership!

 With your membership dues, you receive invitations to all our events.*

On this page you can renew an existing membership or become a new member.  Annual membership dues are critically important to funding our basic operations — only with your help can NTRO educate voters and impact elections.  NTRO is a completely self-sustaining organization and does not receive any funding from the state or national party.








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By becoming a volunteer!

Display a yard sign

Distribute literature

Make some phone calls

Help with an event

Become a block captain

Become a precinct captain

Please give us a call at (847) 251-6100 or send us an e-mail at!

  Block and Precinct Captains are important in communicating with the neighbors in the township and turning out voters for our candidates. It’s very easy and highly impactful!  If you would like to be trained, we will set that up. Share the role!  Bring a friend!

By making a Donation!

Only with your financial support can NTRO educate voters and impact elections!
We sincerely appreciate contributions that fit your budget and your purpose.
You may donate up to:


per individual


per corporation, labor organization or association


per political action committee

Consider a donation today!

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By becoming a paid Election Judge in 3 easy steps!

 High school and college students need not be registered to vote to make up to $340 for the day!

Do you believe in free and fair elections?  Why not become an election judge?
Responsibilities include signing in registered voters, explaining voting procedures and monitoring conduct of the election to ensure fairness.


Review the requirements and duties to be an Election Judge or Equipment Manager.


Notify our Election Judge Coordinator by emailing (need website email) or calling 847-251-6100.  The Coordinator will work with you to assign you to a precinct of your choice.

By subscribing to our email list!

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