We take pride in the leaders we have sent to Springfield and Washington. Charles Percy, Don Rumsfeld, Mark Kirk, Bob Dold, and Bruce Rauner are all New Trier Republicans.

We believe in thoughtful, independent leadership that emphasizes sound fiscal policy and respect for the rule of law under the framework of the U.S. Constitution.  We prescribe a return to the principles of the Declaration of Independence which proclaims that all are created equal and imbued with inalienable rights.

By remembering these principles, we can create the balance between individual rights and limited government regulation. Policies of limited government intervention facilitate innovative entrepreneurship and contribute to growing the economy.  Freeing people from counterproductive government regulation empowers them to develop their abilities and attain their potential, rewarding self-achievement and raising their standard of living.


The organizational objectives shall be:  to provide guidance for the efforts of individuals who believe in and support the principles of the Republican Party; to ensure the growth and influence of the Republican Party within New Trier Township; to promote better governance through voter education; to support and elect candidates who believe in the principles of limited government, individual liberty, and fiscal responsibility; and, to provide such services to the New Trier Township Republican Committeeman so as to accomplish the foregoing.


1938 — New Trier Republican Organization was founded.  Henry A. Gardner was elected Committeeman, and a team of precinct captains was formed to help organize the township.

1950 — James L. Garard was nominated and elected without opposition.

1958 — James W. Good, Jr. of Wilmette is elected the third committeeman. NTRO grows to over 700 active members.

1970 — Dave Brown becomes the township’s fourth Committeeman.

2000 — After being re-elected in 1998, Brown resigns in 2000.  Tolbert Chisum campaigns and is elected on the first ballot to become the fifth New Trier Township Committeeman.  

2004 — Chisum serves as both New Trier Township Committeeman and on the Executive Board of the State Central Committee until his retirement in 2011.   

2010 — NTRO Victories: Former Kenilworth resident and five term Congressman Mark Kirk is elected to the United States Senate.  Robert Dold of Kenilworth is elected as Congressman from the 10th District. Rich Williamson is elected National Committeeman, eventually serving three presidents in various senior policy positions.

2011 — Chisum resigns as Committeeman and Bill Cadigan of Winnetka, an attorney, former congressional aide, and state government reform advocate, is unanimously selected by NTRO members to serve the remaining two years of Chisum’s term.

2014 — NTRO’S own Bruce Rauner defeats Democratic incumbent Pat Quinn to become lllinois’ 42nd Chief Executive.  Richard Porter, another member of NTRO, is selected from five candidates to serve as the National Republican Committeeman for Illinois.

2015 — After Governor Rauner taps NTRO Committeeman Bill Cadigan to serve on the State Board of Elections, Marc Levine, an investment banker with 30 years experience in asset management and venture capital, is appointed to serve as Committeeman.

2017 — Marc Levine resigns to focus on his role as Chair of the Illinois State Board of Investments.  Cook County Republican Party Chairman, Sean Morrison, appoints Danielle Mergner Committeeman.  Working actively on local, gubernatorial and presidential campaigns, and educating voters since 2010, Mergner focuses on building and energizing the Organization to support Rauner’s re-election bid and other GOP candidates in 2018.