We have a long and proud tradition of supporting and offering up outstanding candidates for office, including distinguished native sons such as U.S. Senator Mark Kirk, Congressman Robert Dold, former U.S. Senator Charles Percy and former Congressman and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Our members include many of the business and civic leaders that provide the energy, ideas and resources that sustain the GOP party structure and candidates throughout the State of Illinois and the rest of the nation. Our track record of success demonstrates we know how to win close elections.


The purpose of this Organization shall be:  to direct the efforts of individuals who believe in and support the principles of the Republican Party; to ensure the growth and influence of the Republican Party in New Trier Township; to promote better governance through voter education; to support and elect candidates who believe in the Republican Party principles of limited government, individual liberty, and fiscal responsibility; and, to provide such services to the New Trier Township Republican Committeeman so as to accomplish the foregoing.


We take pride in the leaders we have sent to Springfield and Washington. Charles Percy, Don Rumsfeld, Mark Kirk, Robert Dold, and Bruce Rauner are all New Trier Republicans.

We believe in thoughtful, independent leadership that emphasizes policy over heated rhetoric, what’s best for Illinois and America over what’s best for a particular faction, and respect for the rule of law under the framework of the U.S. Constitution.

New Trier Township is in the Northeastern-most township in Cook County, but the politics practiced by New Trier Republicans is foreign to many in Cook County. We stand for good government, fiscal sanity, and civility.